Orlando Jai-Alai

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April 3 to May 30, 2015

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Sometimes called the World’s Fastest Ball Game, jai-alai is a centuries old game originating in the Basque region of Spain. Jai-alai translates from Basque to “Merry Festival” and has been played in such countries as Spain, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Macao, France, Cuba, Indonesia, Venezuela and the United States.

It is 600 years older than baseball, America’s greatest pastime. The game of jai-alai is 500 years older than America, but with all the skill, speed, endurance, nerve and frantic pace required to play, jai-alai is very easy to follow and understand.

When you visit Orlando Live Events, Home of Orlando Jai-Alai, you will see the playing court, CANCHA, of 180 feet long, 40 feet high and 55 feet wide. The front playing wall, on your right, is called the FRONTIS, the side wall, facing you is the LATERAL and the rear wall is the REBOTE. The front wall is where the action is. It is made of solid granite blocks, 18 inches thick, to withstand the repeated 150 mile-per-hour impact of the rock-hard ball, PELOTA. Jose Ramon Areitio holds the Guinness World Record. On Friday night, August 3, 1979 in Newport, R.I., his throw was officially clocked at a remarkable 188 MPH.